Rain and Thunder

M O M  C O N F E S S I O N

OK, this confession may go a bit deeper than I had ever intended to go on the WWW. But alas, here we go.

This beautiful Rumi quote I procured especially for this picture is fantastic and all, but lemme tell ya… there was a massive thunderstorm in the car before this photo was taken.

The night started with a good forecast… we were en route to grab Earnest Ice Cream (delicious, BTW – it was my first time trying it) before heading to the historical 9 o’clock gun at Stanley Park.

My tween was being slightly annoying, having had just come back from Las Vegas with her dad and pompously acting like she’d seen the world as a result. We were driving past the iconic Rio Theater on Broadway/Commercial Drive, when she very smugly noted “oh, we have a Rio here, too” before arrogantly stating that it “wasn’t even a good one”.

FIRST OF ALL, child, you have never even been in the Rio Theatre to be able to assert such a comment. Second of all, anything “Vegas” is just a bunch of phony baloney. And third of all, how did I end up with such a pretentious little snot of a daughter?

(I didn’t actually say that last bit… at least I hope not… storms can be unpredictable)

The thunderstorm raged on, until we got ice cream and everyone was happy again.

Ice Cream to the Rescue

As a parent, it’s hard not to get angry and raise your voice. I was shocked to hear her make such a snotty comment about something she knows nothing about – and feared that one day she could be speaking in this manner about other people, let alone inanimate buildings.

Still, the situation could have called for a little less Thor, and a little more Rumi. And perhaps a sprinkling of empathy.

I do remember what it was like as a tween (after all, *ahem*, it wasn’t that long ago). Trying to navigate the world both within me and out. I did need to feel like I was better than everyone else. That I knew more, saw more, was more. And, quite frankly, there are many adults who still behave this way (just browse Instagram, they’re all on there).


Children, like flowers, need certain elements in order to grow – especially through tumultuous climates. And as parents, it’s all about how we weather the storm… especially the one that brews within us.

– Water Your Flowers Wisely

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