The Uphill Battle

(Perfect quote… because most of my thoughts spiral downhill F A S T!)

This particular hike was a bit of a bust. We ended up getting extremely lost en route (in the middle of nowhere, up the wrong mountain) and didn’t get to the park until quite late. Most hikers were making their descent back down when we were attempting to go up.

We turned around shortly after this photo was taken. According to our fellow descending hikers, we were about 45 minutes away from the coveted middle lake destination – and about 30 minutes away from sundown. Plus, the terrain was getting a bit more challenging and we had our one-year-old in a backpack carrier (and by we I mean my husband). Overall – totally not prepared.

Which sucks, because we drove a good three hours to get there!

D A Y T R I P  F A I L !

Although, not all was lost. We wandered into the village of Pemberton after our “hike” and came upon the most delicious eatery with the most phenomenal service: Mile One Eating House. YUM. The food was a delicious way to redeem the day!


(😂 I’ll never get tired of little “photo-bombing hands reaching for food” pics 😂)

Here’s us at the beautiful Lower Joffre Lake (an extremely strenuous 5 minute flat hike from the parking lot, for those avid hikers trying to attempt it):


Can’t wait to go back!

Middle Joffre Lake, I’m comin’ for ya!

– Uphill Thoughts

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